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Why Do Need Health Insurance?

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Health insurance for yourself and family is essential for your daily needs. You don’t know what can happen anytime, and when you need medical help, there is insurance to cover for the high healthcare costs, especially for chronic medical conditions or when you need hospitalization.

Just like obtaining home and car insurance, you can get a health insurance to protect your savings and income, especially when you need it the most. This will provide you high-cost medical care that will surely make you feel better.

If the chosen hospital accepts Medicare, the federal law will evaluate and stabilize people who need to show up at the emergency section, including women on labor. But aside from emergency needs, people can’t provide adequate money whenever they need to pay for it. So, if you don’t have health insurance, you’ll be burdened with the cost and can’t receive the healthcare that you need.

How to Avail Health Insurance?

This form of insurance coverage can be availed depending on your age, financial condition and job status.

  • Employers Provide this Insurance: As an employee benefit, most huge companies in the U.S. provide affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage. Many small businessowners also provide coverage for their workers. Though the employer doesn’t need to pay for everything, the employee may be required to pay a small portion of the premiums. If you have more family members, you will likely be obliged to pay more.

  • Health Insurance for Your Own Needs: If you work for a small company that has no provision for health insurance or if you’re self-employed, you may need to buy your own. Depending on the state you are in, you may pay lower premiums for the coverage you have chosen. You can also pay higher premiums if you’re opting for a comprehensive coverage. Depending on your health condition, you will know what you need for this type of insurance.

  • Health Insurance Provided by the Government: If you’re aged 65 and older, disabled, have less or no income at all, the government can shoulder your health insurance, like Medicaid or Medicare.

How to Choose a Health Plan?

Before you choose a health plan, you need to consider some factors. The factors can vary if you’re opting for an employer-sponsored health plan or buying it for your own. So, before you jump to the best health insurance coverage, you need to look around and shop for the best prices.

  • Employer-Sponsored Health Plan: if your employer provides this insurance, you can choose from among the health insurance plans they offer. Sometimes, they provide HMO or health maintenance organization, and PPO or preferred provider organization. For HMO, you will be provided with healthcare from a recognized network of doctors and hospitals. The PPO will also make you receive proper healthcare from their network, but if you’re outside their coverage, they will pay less, which will need you to pay for the remaining medical expenses.

The employer may require you to pay a certain amount out from your pockets for the premium. The cost of the premiums are paid by you and your employer, so you can see a doctor and get a prescription anytime you need healthcare services. To ensure you are financially free from burdens especially when healthcare is needed, you may need to pay a higher deductible.

  • Individual Health Insurance: if there is no one to help shoulder the expenses for health insurance, like being self-employed, you can buy this health plan on your own. You can approach a provider and ask them what you personally need for you and your family. The premiums can be expensive, but you assure yourself that there is someone to cover you from the medical expenses you’ll be incurring in the future.

So, depending on your healthcare needs, you need to scout for coverages that provides you peace of mind. Whether you’re paying it on your own or having an employer to support you, you need healthcare services that make you feel better and relieve you from financial bondage.

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Susan Ellen
Susan Ellen

I totally agree with this and am totally perplexed when people think nothing of spending a fortune on their car but completely neglect their basic health needs.

Rebecca Brandon
Rebecca Brandon

Health Insurance is very important for every family. I really like this article.

Debby O.
Debby O.

In the call center field in canada, they give you a default 5k worth health insurance after 6 month of work.