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How to Avail Health Insurance If Jobless or Have Low Income

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If you have no job or have only low income, you can still get health insurance that you can afford. Although there are other options you can avail, you need to review the options and see if you are eligible for it. You’ll certainly find a better deal once you go through with all the options. However, if you want a low-cost healthcare, you need to shop around for a great plan, which can be hard to find. To help you make up your choices, here are some common places to find this insurance coverage.

How to Find Low Cost Health Insurance?

Most of the programs available for health insurance will have eligibility requirements. You need to understand the options available. If you feel you are qualified for Medicaid or Medicare, you can always reach the state insurance assistance program to have a better view of the options.

1) Medicaid: You can look into this insurance coverage as you may qualify with the requirements. The Affordable Care Act has enabled more people to be eligible to receive Medicaid. However, not many people are aware of it. If you are unable to obtain coverage through your spouse or family, then you need to know the changes done to Medicaid in your state. Under the new law, people who have not been covered before may qualify. Anyone living below the poverty line regardless of age can now qualify. If you want to know the specifics, you can always reach the state insurance commissioner.

2) High Deductible Health Plans: So you can avail low-cost health insurance, you may choose to go for a high deductible health plan. When you combine it with a health savings account, you can easily save money especially on your taxes. This can happen on a long-term basis. You will learn more about its benefits and the strategies behind the health plan if you talk to a knowledgeable insurance professional.

3) Continue Health Insurance with COBRA: If you have no job due to lay off or had your work hours cut, you can continue your previous employers’ health insurance using COBRA. A student attending college can continue with their parent’s health insurance through COBRA. This makes a great alternative when you have no finances to undergo medical treatments.

If you shift to another insurance plan, the medical treatments may not be eligible under the new plan; and it will cost you more for the medical expenses. So, if you want to stick with COBRA, you need to be qualified if you suffered a job loss, had your working hours cut, you’re transitioning into another job, the death of a breadwinner or other changes in the family conditions.

4) Workers’ Compensation: Many people are unaware that they are covered with the state’s workers’ compensation program. If you have suffered job-related injuries, your employer can provide treatment through this program.

5) The Health Insurance Market: There have been changes with the pre-existing conditions that people have through the Affordable Care Act. The health insurance plans covered here includes pre-existing medical conditions as per the The insurance plan will allow you to have all the healthcare benefits if you have a pre-existing condition.

6) Medicare: This is provided and administered by the Social Security Administration. If you’re a senior, about 65 years and older, you are eligible for Medicare. If you have disability benefits or is suffering from a disease, you can still avail, even if you’re under 65.

7) Individual and Family Health Insurance: Just like buying home or auto insurance, you can get quotes from several health insurance providers, which can give you an affordable yet comprehensive healthcare services. These plans work similarly to what employers provide their employees.

You can also avail short-term health insurance coverage for a brief period of time. These are the following options you can avail if you’re currently jobless or have low income and need healthcare services.

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very helpful article; Thank you! A close friend of mine is in a low income situation and I will share this with them.